Company Mission

We lead our customers towards more effective and sustainable operations


Company vision

Realize a MudaFree™ world

MudaFree® model

MudaFree™ is a novel approach aiming at eliminating all kind of wastes to make operations measurable, effective, efficient, replicable and sustainable


Meet the founders

CCO and Founder

Marco Scarpellino

Marco spent his whole career in the renewable energy and sustainability industry, setting-up from scratch and leading multicultural teams.
''I agree with Heraclitus: ''Nothing is permanent, but change'' and learning something new every day (aka continuous improvement) is how I try to deal with change and be better today than yesterday.
I am fascinated by diverse cultures and how we can all work together leveraging on our differences to build a better world''.

COO and Founder

Vittorio Lanzillo

Vittorio is very experienced in the application of lean methodologies and continuous improvement, as well as in the implementation of monitoring and control systems for manufacturing and organizational processes.
''Everybody has a why, THE guiding principle of our life; I have always had a strong interest in effectiveness improvement and waste elimination and for this reason I found Lean Thinking very well aligned with my personal and professional attitudes, it was my why well before I knew it.
I am fascinated by the impact that statistics and meaningful data can have on business strategies definition and companies’ growth.''