“Progress cannot be generated when we are satisfied with existing situations”                                              Taiichi Ohno

In an increasingly complex market, every company needs to keep high levels of effectiveness, efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction to keep its competitive advantage. You can rely on our 10+ years of experience with Lean methodologies to identify the most suitable path towards operational excellence. We will not only show you the way; but we will also walk with you towards the full accomplishment of your objective.

How we help


Implementing Lean methodologies does not mean adopting an ideal model overnight, but choosing an approach that will transform the company. Enabling it to beat the competition by providing the customers with what they want, when they want it and with the quality they expect. By reducing the amount of time resources are wasted on activities that don’t add value to the product or service, Lean Thinking constantly seeks to reduce waste, optimizing resources and leading to greater customer satisfaction.


Beginning to understand the organization is the first step toward an integrated management of company processes. It’s crucial to visually map out the current business processes to highlight gaps, inefficiencies, delays or in one word: waste! Process Mapping helps to clearly define responsibilities and procedures preparing a baseline for process standardization.


In order to continuously monitor the company performance, KPI’s are a must; to ensure in real-time how something is performing or being able to identify trends. Monitoring the relevant performance parameters should not involve relying on advanced ERP functions, complicated spreadsheet or a specific person in the company. Such relevant indicators have to be accessible from all the stakeholders at any time in a clear and simple fashion. We help you identifying the critical success factors for your organization and to define the KPI’s that you need; to assess these for the organization. At the palm of your hand you will be able to immediately have a grasp of your company health, how it is meeting the objectives, and to intervene in no time to correct any process drift.


Nothing can replace the value of expert leadership but coupling it with mathematical and statistical analytics, can lead to an increase in efficiency. We help you to successfully implement Lean Six Sigma methodologies in your organization and be among the companies that achieved an unmatched level of performance and client satisfaction.


Job standardization puts together discipline and culture and is an effective way to improve productivity and efficiency. It formalizes processes and clearly defines responsibilities. Standardization is the ground on which improvement is built.


After the successful completion of an optimization project a new (and better) operating standard is set. Adopting the Kaizen (改善) approach means using the new achieved standard as the starting point for a new improvement in a never-ending improvement cycle which follows the Deming’s PDCA framework. Get in touch with us; we will help you set a continuously new and higher standard in you quest to increase operational excellence.